Benefits of Returnable Refillable Containers and the Closed Loop System

When it comes to herbicides, good things come in smart packages. Using herbicides in returnable refillable containers is the wise choice to save money, improve safety, and reap other significant benefits.

Reduce Disposal Costs

Disposing of containers in accordance with the EPA is a necessary part of your job, but it comes with costs. Returnable refillable containers help you avoid this step. In addition, by using returnable refillable containers to package your custom herbicide blends, we save money and pass the savings on to you. Each time you return a container, you help keep costs down all around.

Reduce Chance of Contamination

Eco-Pak containers are filled in our climate-controlled state-of-the-art plants, which are fully designed and equipped with a closed loop system that includes MicroMatic valves to reduce worker exposure and further guard against contamination. All returned packages are inspected carefully for damage before they are used again.

Improve Safety in the Field

Even when taking proper precautions, measuring and mixing herbicides in the field comes with risks. Anyone can make the occasional mistake or have an accidental spill, putting themselves, their colleagues, your equipment, and the surrounding vegetation at risk. Protect your team and practice good environmental stewardship by ordering pre-mixed herbicides in returnable refillable containers.

Order and Return Easily

You will receive your 15- or 30-gallon drums on returnable pallets. Or, order in polyurethane totes up to 350 gallons. Either way, just call the toll-free number on the side of every returnable container to easily arrange pickup.

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