Returnable/Refillable (R/R) containers are the way of the future in the Aquatic, Industrial Vegetation Management, Forestry, and Agricultural Markets industries. New regulations imposed from the EPA on traditional non-returnable packaging are changing the way container disposal and herbicide rinseate will be handled in the future. R/R containers offer an opportunity to improve your organization's environmental stewardship while also improving the overall efficiency of your application program.

To eliminate the need to triple rinse in the field, each R/R Container is equipped with a MicroMatic™ valve. This allows the closed loop system to dispense the herbicide or custom blend in an environmentally safe manner. Once the container is emptied, simply call the toll free number and return the containers for refilling.

There are many benefits of using returnable/ refillable containers:
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improve environmental stewardship
  • Decrease worker exposure
  • Increase performance and accuracy
  • Reduce product shrinkage and liability

Eco-Pak has a fleet of more than 8,000 containers in a wide range of different sizes, from 15 gallon poly drums to 350 gallon stainless steel totes.
15 Gallon

reusable 15 gal  

30 Gallon

reusable 30 gal

275 Gallon

NR Poly cage tote

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