Custom Blending

Benefits of Custom Herbicide Blending


Contributing to Your Bottom Line

Eliminating field mixing of herbicides means there’s no need to spend resources on rinsing, storing or disposing of empty containers. Eco-Pak protects you from costly field mixing errors that can often lead to the need for retreatments by using returnable, refillable containers.

Enhancing Accuracy

We take pride in offering custom blends that are 100% accurate to specifications every time. To ensure complete satisfaction with the quality and potency of your custom mix, we retain samples of all blends for three years after their creation date. In the event that an application site comes into question, you can simply reach out to our team to troubleshoot. We will have your custom blend on hand for testing to ensure that the product you want is what’s being put out in the field.

Reduce Working Capital

The Eco-Pak product inventory system features just-in-time shipments, which comes with a slew of benefits. This model allows you to reduce inventory costs, better manage cash flow, improve inventory tracking, manage work load and minimize theft liabilities.

Protecting the Environment

The use of returnable and refillable containers means less landfill waste for the environment in addition to less liabilities for your business. Improper container disposal can often lead to costly fines from the EPA, spills and environmental contamination. Working with Eco-Pak eliminates these risks.


Keeping Workers Safe

We know you value employee safety. That’s why we utilize a close-loop handling process that requires no field-mixing. This lessens the chance of worker exposure to non-diluted concentrations of herbicide. See more ways we keep businesses safe.

Basal Oil Blends

Basal oil blends are a combination of herbicide and basal oil, whose penetrating qualities force herbicide into the lower bark of trees. This allows you to use less herbicide while creating more potent results, meaning less time and money for your business.


Diluted Concentrate Foliar Blends

Eco-Pak’s foliar blends are made to meet unique customer specifications, applications and requirements.

Foliar blends contain a mix of one or more herbicides and adjuvants. Not all products are compatible with one another in a blend, which is why our specialists test each blend for clarity, separation, crystallization and more. Once tested, we keep each sample for three years to ensure our customers are 100% satisfied with their custom herbicide order.