Custom Blending Products

Custom blending is a valuable service that takes the headache out of mixing in the field while minimizing human exposure. It also prevents over or under application of the herbicides, and improves the overall efficiency of a spray operation.

Basal oil blends

A combination of herbicide and basal oil whose penetrating qualities force herbicide into the lower bark of trees, which results in using less herbicide and creating a more effective result.

Diluted concentrate foliage blends 

Foliage blends contain one or more herbicides and adjuvants. These blends are made to meet unique customer specifications, applications and requirements.

Not all of our products are compatible with one another in a blend. For that reason we test each blend for clarity, separation, crystallization, heat/cold stability, etc. We then keep each sample for three years to insure the customer is truly satisfied with the order.
Always read and follow label directions.

The right packaging options to meet your needs 

Whether you need a custom blend or straight repack, you’ll get exactly what you need, when you need it. Our climate-controlled state-of-the-art plant uses the latest technology to ensure that your orders are filled and packaged to your exact specifications.

Packaging options 

The Eco-Pak system offers a variety of returnable/refillable packaging options to fit every job situation.
Available containers include:
  • 15-gallon tall and short poly drums
  • 15-gallon stainless steel drums
  • 30-gallon poly drums
  • 120 and 350 gallon stainless steel totes
  • 120 and 350 gallon poly totes

Other container advantages

  • Tamper-evident seals to reduce the chance of contamination
  • A closed-application system that includes MicroMatic valves to reduce worker exposure and further guard against contamination
  • All returnable drums are shipped on returnable pallets to help facilitate the empty container’s return
  • A toll-free number is provided on every returnable container to facilitate pick up of empty containers
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